Lead your Life and Work through Happiness


Hi, I'm Sophia 

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked for companies like Nokia, Telefonica and Canon where Connecting People™ and making an impact on people’s lives, play an important role.

Throughout my career I’ve also had the opportunity to work with leaders and be in a leadership role myself.

I have learned to see the bright side of being a leader at every level of the organization, and I’ve also seen and coached leaders when they were on edge and ready to quit.

This is why I created Lead through Happiness: because I see, feel and hear your pain and want to work with you to

  • Celebrate your successes
  • Bring back your thriving energy and passion in what you’re good at
  • And most importantly: bring back the real YOU.

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Why I created Lead through Happiness


Working with high achievers like yourself, who want to show up at work and in life, rekindle with their passionate and ambitious self and dunk those targets like Jordan; is truly inspiring!

— Sophia Darkaoui