Lead through Happiness


Lead through Happiness: a 90-day, one-on-one leadership program for driven and ambitious professionals with too much going on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could:

  • be on top of things without feeling like you're drowning in work
  • use your intuition and emotions and still be taken seriously
  • achieve your goals in a healthy and consistent way
  • communicate with confidence and still be YOU

It sure would! But you can only achieve these results by investing in yourself first, the same way you’re investing in your work.


During our 90 days together, you'll learn the importance of putting one vital item at the top of your to-do list: YOU!

I'll guide you on how to create successful and sustainable habits that work for you and enable you to show up at your best.

And I'll hold you accountable as you make consistent and lasting changes to help you reach your personalised goals as you re-define the real YOU

Here’s a sneak peak of the themes included in your 90-days, one-on-one customized program:

❏      YOU: we’re going to take time to focus on your self perception so that you learn to appreciate who you are, flaws and sparks.

❏      Them: To have you take a minute to understand and improve ways of communicating with your peers. Understand what makes them tick, know what to say at what point, so that you’re perceived as a confident and knowledgeable woman.

❏      Your emotions: and you will learn how to embrace your emotions and use them at your advantage.

❏      Your motivation: We’re going to take the time to dive into challenging experiences and use them as future motivation.

❏      A week in the life of…: we’re going to take a look at (all) your to-do lists and prioritise tasks so that they fit into a realistic schedule

❏      Your Journey: this is where your new Chapter begins. We’re going to make it stick and work for YOU

❏      Happy hour @ work: we’re going to focus on your place and role at work, and create personalised evaluation tools so you can keep track of any type of progress

❏      Weekly 90 minutes call: to share your successes and hit memorable Milestones

I created Lead through Happiness for overstretched professionals like yourself, who recognize that to hit their targets and show up at their best, they need to put themselves first.

This program is designed so you can get lifetime access to a personalised development plan, guidance and accountability to hit your personal and professional goals.

With this program you won’t need to invest time in searching which general development tools will work for you. You won’t need to create endless to-do lists.

And you won’t have to doubt your leadership skills any longer.

If you feel like this is YOU and you’re ready to put yourself first; hit ‘Get in Touch’ so we can get to know YOU better.